Would you rather questions? Lego, or ….?

by stick_kim

Question by marchingindians: Would you rather questions? Lego, or ….?
Would you rather walk a mile in your bare feet over millions of legos scattered in a random way, or walk across 100 yards of a mine field with a metal detector, and you are garunteed to live (that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt)?

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Answer by Alex, Athiest Sith, Clinically Depressed Clown

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  • Meep Meep says:

    I would rather get sore from lego stepping that having a leg blown off (or worse) from a landmine

  • Katie Luvz Avril :P says:

    A mile in my bare feet over legos, I wouldn’t wanna risk getting blown up by mines!!!!!!!

  • Jevana says:

    lego, i’m pretty sure mines hurt more than lego.

  • Kenz ~Is Back~ says:


    My friend dumps Legos all over his floor and can walk on them without feeling anything. I could get him to teach me a few things concerning that…….

    Besides, Legos don’t hurt as much as people say they do. At least not now.

  • Zak D says:

    Lego for sure.

    My feet can withstand Lego but nowhere near as tough enough to withstand a mine explosion.

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